Agroindustria (AGR)

Because we know that a timely and appropriate decision making process is paramount in the development of your business, we put at your service:

· The most advanced analytical technology available in Latin America.
· Highly qualified and committed professionals.
· Modern and technologic infrastructure.
· Testing and services accredited under ISO 17025 and others.
· Prompt responses.
· 25 years of experience.
· Same techniques as used in country of destiny.


We have the best equipment available for testing:

· Molecular Biology
· Chemicals
· Microbiological
· Chromatographic

Main Products:

Fruits and vegetables, meat and by products, dairy products, sea products, industrial foods for human consumption, biological compounds.

We Analyse:

Residues of Pesticides and Drugs, Chemical Pollutants, GMO, Heavy Metal, Microbiological Contamination, Chemical Migration to Food, Drugs of Abuse, and Alcohol, Environmental Contamination to Human Health. Significant amount of testings and services accredited ISO 17025 and other standards.

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